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December 2021

Mixers for various applications e.g. concrete, glass, ashes, pigment and many more

We continues to add various applications of which the Fejmert Mixer is well suited for. It seems like there is no limit to what the mixer can be used for within the range of different models.

Prefabricated concrete

Fejmert Mixers are available on industries producing a wide range of products, pipe, block walls, prestressed beams, flooring, prefabricated houses, panels, tiles and many, many more.

Ready-Mix concrete

For projects in many countries around the world, Fejmert Mixer is the choice number one.


The customers of Fejmert in this industry manufacture glass, insulating glass, containers, light bulbs, raw glass, household glass and art glass.


Companies involved with mixing of waste (ash) from the combustion process, in coal-fired power plant, the waste handling, treatment plants and in the wood processing selected Fejmert Mixer in recent years.

Other areas were the Fejmert Mixer is used:

  • Wet and dry additives
  • Refractories, as eg. oxides from aluminum, silicon and magnesium.
  • Casting sand
  • Pigments

A presentation of Fejmert (in Swedish)

Latest newsletter:

December 2021
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